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Caring for the Elderly, Elder Health Care Services, Elder Home Care and More

The following sections represent one of the most comprehensive, authoritative sets of online articles and resources devoted to caring for the elderly. This site is divided into seven (7) sections for easier browsing on different topics related to caring for the elderly. If your elderly loved one is reaching the stage in life where you need to begin learning about your options for care, please bookmark this site and refer back to it at any time.

Health and Fitness | Home Care | Illness | Finances
Products and Services | Assisted Living | Information for Caregivers

Health and Fitness

  • Prevent Many Chronic Age-Related Illnesses by Adding Protein
  • Exercise Walking For Seniors: Preventing Foot Problems
  • How Seniors Can Benefit from Anaerobic Exercise
  • Solitary Confinement -- for Life
  • Senior Living: 5 Ways to Help Reduce the Risk of Falling

  • Home Care

  • Long Term In-home Care Options
  • Arizona Assisted Living Homes -- The Alternative to High Priced Senior Care
  • When Assistance with Long Term Care Becomes Necessary

  • Illness

  • 10 Tips to Keep a Family Caregiver from Losing Their Mind
  • Prevent or Delay Alzheimers Disease
  • Short Trips Can Stimulate Alzheimers Patients
  • Respiratory Help Is Available For Seniors With COPD
  • New Hope for Alzheimers Treatment
  • Senior Care for Alzheimer?s

  • Finances

  • Paying For Elder Care Just Got Easier
  • The Best Investment You Can Make Right Now: Long Term Care Insurance
  • Strategies on Paying for Nursing Home Care and Medicaid
  • Introducing the Best Available Long Term Care Policy Guarantee

  • Products and Services

  • If Using The Stairs Has Become A Daily Struggle, A Stair lift Could Change Your Life
  • Stair Lift Buying Guide
  • Stair Lifts - Straight and Curved Rails
  • Hinged Rail Stair Lifts
  • What Colour was Your Great-grandmothers Hair?
  • Marketing, Selling, and Serving the Older Adult, Senior Citizens, Family Caregivers
  • Stairlifts ? Take the Struggle Out of Climbing the Stairs
  • Local Businesses Serving Seniors Prove Commitment to Quality Care
  • The Right Wheelchair Accessories Will Ease Your Life and Your Journeys on Wheels
  • Alzheimers Care Giving While Maintaining Your Own Health
  • Retiring Abroad and Leaving the Grey Skies of the UK
  • Using The Proper Wheelchair Will Make Your Everyday Life Easier
  • Second Hand Stair Lifts
  • The Truth About Christmas

  • Assisted Living

  • Assisted Living: Tips on How to Choose a Facility
  • 5 Myths You Should Know Before Choosing Elder Care
  • Nursing Home Staffing Levels: How Much Is Enough?
  • Skilled Nursing Homes - What Are They?
  • Who Wants to End Up in a Nursing Home? NO ONE!
  • Assisted Living Facilities ? What Are They?
  • Board and Care Homes ? What Are They?
  • Compare Nursing Homes

  • Information for Caregivers

  • Scaling Down (Almost) Painlessly
  • When the Box is Empty
  • Angels Are Reaching Out to the Elderly
  • Whos Gonna Take Care of You When Youre Old?
  • Baby Boomers: Will They Be Able to Afford Their Parents?
  • Advocate For Senior Citizens ? Protecting Against Abuse and Fraud
  • What About Tennesse Dept. of Human Services Abuse of the Elderly and Their Families?
  • Caring for Aging Relatives
  • Long Term-Care; 70 Million Americans Will Be Over 65 by 2003
  • Honey, Where Are The Car Keys?
  • Feeling Lonely?
  • Mom Wont Participate!
  • The Dryer Ate Your Underwear!
  • Just Give Them a Lot of Love and You?ll be Fine
  • What You Need to Know About Helping Senior Citizens
  • Helping Caregivers Get Comfortable Asking For Help
  • What Most Long Term Care Professionals Don?t Know
  • Prepare to Make Long-term Care Choices


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